Shopping Carts

  • Our team has expertise in all shopping carts.
  • We specialize in E-junkie customization and help.
  • No job is too big or small for our experts.

Our team of experts is ready to help you get the most out of your shopping cart as quickly and easily as possible. We've been specializing in the E-junkie shopping cart for nearly 7 years, and have extensive experience working with many other shopping cart platforms. Whether you need training, programming, or design work for your shopping cart, we can help.

Examples from our shopping cart customization portfolio are below. Want to discuss your needs? Contact us.

Custom Order Form

Shopping Cart Overlay

In-Cart Upsell Feature


  • Hire our team for all your programming needs.
  • Expertise in HTML5, PHP, MySQL and more...
  • We can find programming solutions to anything!

When you combine our shopping cart experience with our expertise in programming, nothing is impossible. Whether you need a simple script, a custom integration, or a full-blown programming job, our team is ready to help create a solution that fully meets your needs.

And although the actual programming may be technical, the process isn't. Before we write a single line of code, we take time to discuss your goals, and we talk with you in non-technical language to make sure we understand your needs completely. In the end, we aim to simplify what can be a very mystifying process.

Examples from our custom programming portfolio are below. Want to discuss your needs? Contact us.

Daily Deal Feature

Custom Thank You Page

Database-Driven Website

Web Design

  • Our designers create beautiful websites.
  • Our developers write clean, concise code.
  • No website is too big or small.

Good web design is an art. Our web designers are skilled at making websites that are easy to use, visually appealing, and convey your brand's identity in a style that is uniquely your own. Whether you need a completely new website designed from scratch, or a redesign of an existing site, our team is ready to help.

Examples from our website design portfolio are below. Want to discuss your needs? Contact us.

Professional Website

Ecommerce Website

Website with Custom Blog


  • Our experts can help you sell anything online.
  • From planning to complete store set up, we do it.
  • For help with anything e-commerce, contact us.

If you have an idea for selling something online, we have the expertise and experience to help you turn your idea into a successful reality. Andrew, our Chief Executive Wiz, has been providing e-commerce consultation, coaching, and set-up services to clients for nearly 7 years, and would be glad to help you become our next success story.

Examples from our e-commerce portfolio are below. Want to discuss your needs? Contact us.

Membership Site

Affiliate Program

Wordpress Ecommerce Site


Sometimes you need a little help, or expert advice, to succeed. Other times, you need help figuring out the best way to achieve a goal, rather than blindly charging forward. And sometimes, you would rather learn how to do something yourself than hire someone to do it for you. Whatever your needs, we have one-on-one training and consultation services to help you succeed.

We can consult with you about just about anything. Want to discuss your needs? Contact us.

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